Meet Staff

Meet Our Staff

Rafael Brache, President and Founder of Elephant’s Trunk is the man of the hour. If it is getting done, Rafael has his finger on the pulse.
He wears a lot of hats; from managing the books, to HR, to marketing, to training and supporting the sales staff …
Rafael is at the forefront. How does he maintain his calm demeanor? It’s a mystery to us, but you will always find him pleasant and attentive.

Robert Brache, was and still is the inspiration of Elephant’s Trunk. He is all vision and creativity. From buying the best to making you look your best, he’s got the magic eye. There is nothing he loves more than dressing you up and enjoying your company!

Theresa Perrone as head of dressmaking is a pillar among the staff. With a fashion degree from Parsons her knowledge and talents runs deep. Not only is she a master in knowing how to tweak a dress for the perfect fit, but she completes the work on time with amazing accuracy. She is who you want to collaborate with on your gown!

Venka Byington in a word … conscientious. For 25+ years of dedicated service she has been first to work, ready for the tasks of the day. Her integrity follows through with how she works with customers, they are loyal to her because they, rightly so, trust her and value her advice. She sends them out to their occasion looking fabulous. Venka is a team player, always respectful of her coworkers, she will be first to clean up or tackle a project.

Jackie Cahajuanca, we just call her Jackie. Born in Lima Peru the daughter of an attorney and a dressmaker, her inherent skill set plus years of work in the jewelry business makes her a perfect fit for Elephant’s Trunk. As the inventory manager, her attention to detail and a keen eye for quality and design make her an invaluable asset. She is the person who makes sure your order came in correct & perfect; you can rest easy knowing she has your interests at heart.

Cindy Winter shows mastery in all she does, and she does a lot! Her organizational skills, efficiency and attention to detail make her the prefect person to process your order. She knows all the details because she is a master seamstress herself, she has run her own business and runs ours as if it were her own. We are so grateful to have her.