Meet The Staff

Meet Our Staff

Rafael Brache, President and Founder of Elephant’s Trunk is the man of the hour. If it is getting done, Rafael has his finger on the pulse. He wears a lot of hats; from managing the books, to HR, to marketing, to training and supporting the sales staff … Rafael is at the forefront. How does he maintain his calm demeanor? It’s a mystery to us, but you will always find him pleasant and attentive.

Robert Brache, was and still is the inspiration of Elephant’s Trunk. He is all vision and creativity. From buying the best to making you look your best, he’s got the magic eye. There is nothing he loves more than dressing you up and enjoying your company!

Venka Byington in a word … conscientious. For 25+ years of dedicated service she has been first to work, ready for the tasks of the day. Her integrity follows through with how she works with customers, they are loyal to her because they, rightly so, trust her and value her advice. She sends them out to their occasion looking fabulous. Venka is a team player, always respectful of her coworkers, she will be first to clean up or tackle a project.

Cynthia has brought a fashion background with her and has an uncanny way about finding the most flattering silhouette for her customers. She has a keen eye, and leads our staff in all our store displays. A pleasure to work with and always with a new idea, she is an asset to the shop.

Vondel Nelson has been running our award winning tuxedo department. Still in school for fashion, he has brought a young look; as well as understanding the classic dynamics of wearing a tuxedo. He has been able to connect with our clients of all ages and has been terrific in helping brides with the right color palate for their wedding.